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ELM – Enterprise Lead Management

ELM is a Lead Management system and a scalable virtual office for the single agent, up to a 100 person call center.  Primary designed for the Insurance products, ELM has grown to a customable application you can use for all your sales & contact management needs.

ELM Agent Price Plans: (Monthly)
$79.00  Single Agent (50,000 Lead Capacity)
$99.00  Single Agent (100,000 Lead Capacity)

ELM Group Price Plans:  (Multiple-Agents, Shared Lead Capacity up to 400,000.)
Starting at $197.00 (Group for 1-2 Agents,) up to $1,495.00 (Group for 100+ Agents.)

View your lead inventory with the Dashboard

The Lead Inventory Dashboard is available in the ELM button bar to view your assigned Lead Inventory by Campaign, State, Filter, or Lead Status.  By selecting your available states, campaigns or lead filters, you can view your lead counts.

Select your State, Filter, or Campaign settings to view the related leads in those groups.

Easy Lead File Loading in Minutes!

The new ELM Lead File Loader takes the hassle out of formatting your lead files.  You can now load converted Excel Files (.XLS) or standard files saved as; .CSV (comma-delimited) or .TXT (tab-delimited text). Files are now uploaded directly to ELM by assigning your field fields to the ELM Lead fields.  If you load the same file format; ELM can automatically detect the fields and map them.  Leads are uploaded directly to the system for faster performance, and a result report is emailed directly to you when your lead files are processed.


* – Lead information that you assign to the Remarks or Notes fields – can contain multiple columns from your file.